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The Same Old Routine…


I believe each individual knows what’s best for him/her by instinct. We eat when we’re hungry, drink when we’re thirsty, and sleep when we’re tired or sick. Since my husband doesn’t disagree with this premise, we have been following the “We play it by ear!” approach with our first born. Until three days ago…

Before Little Monkey came to the world, we read our fair share of paperbacks, e- books, and articles on parenting. All mentioned the R word: the feeding routine, the sleeping routine, the whatchamacallit routine…Little Monkey has his whole life to worry about sticking to other people’s schedules and worry about timekeeping. He deserves to be free of those for the first few years of his life, I thought.

Until the night where I woke up to his cries practically every hour on the hour. It wasn’t teething: his first teeth had pierced the gums and no longer bothered him. It wasn’t the after effects of one of those jumbo vaccines (six in one!): his last vaccine was a few weeks ago.

Black coffee and Google bed time routine. The routine itself is not rocket science – Play, Bath, Story, Feed, Bed – but the 7 PM target bedtime seemed a little ambitious. Nonetheless, worth a try since nothing else was working. It’s been three days now and things are looking good. Little Monkey is sleeping for decent stretches of time again and I’m no longer dreading the nights. I’ll enjoy it while it lasts!


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